Building Teams

This week we started with different activities to initiate the next steps in our project to support the whole team-building process.

We decided to work on the application for the NCRST in 6 specialized teams, each with a specific task within the project:

– Team Project Controlling & Insights

– Team Object model

– Team Business Logic

– Team Frontend

– Team Quality Control & Assurance

– Team Documentation

For this purpose, we have started a survey to find out the preferences regarding cooperation in the respective teams!

Phase 2 of our buddy program with newly assembled teams also started this week and preparations are underway for 2 workshops next week in which the teams from Peru and Indonesia will help the students from Namibia and Germany to reach their level of knowledge regarding the tech stack.

So there is a lot going on in our project and it is nice to see that everyone is still motivated.

From Spring to Autumn

Last week and this week our Spring School was supposed to take place, during which our 15 scholarship holders from Indonesia, Namibia and Peru, together with the 5 German project participants, should work in international teams on the web portal for our client, the NCRST from Namibia. We all know that this is unfortunately not possible due to the restrictions of the worldwide Corona Pandemic… But of course, we do not give up hope that our scholarship holders can experience this highlight of the project after all. Therefore we are now planning to hold a Autumn-School in October instead of a Spring-School. The planning for this has started and we are confident that it can take place then.

Happy Easter

A very special Easter is ahead of us this year. Due to the effects of the Corona Virus, many activities will not be able to take place as originally planned, grandparents will not be able to meet their grandchildren, worships are cancelled and much more. And we would also normally be full of anticipation for the Spring School, which should start next week! Even though there is no end in sight and the Corona theme seems to overshadow everything at the moment, we wish everyone a very happy Easter with beautiful moments and enriching encounters, even if they only take place via electronic media. Stay healthy and try to enjoy the Easter weekend as much as possible.

Now (hopefully soon) all on board

On Monday we had a web meeting with the German students, for whom the semester does not officially start until April 20th, but who are already there – at the original start of the lectures. It was nice to see that despite the current situation with all its imponderables, everyone is highly motivated to throw themselves into this adventure! If the five students from Namibia now also have access to the online resources via a mobile data package, everyone will be able to proceed with full speed in this intercultural project.

The project takes off

The Indonesian and Peruvian students are currently busy familiarizing themselves with the technology stack and are making great progress, as we saw in a web meeting yesterday. The Namibian students are still in their mid-semester break, which has been extended due to the Corona crisis, we are currently working on providing them with a free internet access thus they can be fully involved again soon. And also for the German students, the project can start soon, next Monday we will have a web meeting to get them on board and discuss the further course of the project!