Halfway there!

Time passes and with it hopefully, one day the COVID-19 virus, which still has large parts of the world in its hands and makes life and especially travel more difficult or even impossible.

Therefore we still don’t know if it will be possible for our students from Indonesia, Peru and Namibia to come to Germany in October to work on the web portal together with their German team members and hopefully have a lot of fun with common activities. And if or when the German scholarship holders will be able to travel to Namibia, we, unfortunately, do not know yet either…

Nevertheless, everyone is working very motivated on the development of the portal and especially in the last week very good progress was made. We can therefore be proud that parts of the web application are ready to be installed on a “real” webserver!

We are happy to continue like this and we are confident that even the missing parts can be implemented within the project.

GIPE against racism

The death of George Floyd occurred on 25 May 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when the 46-year-old African-American George Perry Floyd was killed in a violent arrest.

Today he is being buried, a reason for us to send a strong signal against racism. 

Our project stands especially for the equal cooperation of all people in this world and the colour of the skin simply must not play a role regarding respect, appreciation, chances and social participation.

We are proud to be “Gipies” and condemn racism in any form, be it through violence, oppression, insults or other reprisals.

We’re on the way!!!

This week the development work has really picked up speed, so this news will be a bit technical!

The first entities are in the database, the homepage is taking shape and also the basic business processes like the registration process have been working on. 

The repositories have been set up, code conventions have been defined, and the types of documentation required have been determined.

Furthermore the second “Social Web Meeting” took place last Monday!

So it is fair to say that we can look back on an exciting and also quite successful week in our project, the milestones were almost completely reached!

The only thing that makes us a little bit sad is the fact that due to the worldwide Corona-Pandemic we still don’t know if we will be able to meet personally in Bocholt this autumn for the “Autumn School”, especially the situation in Peru causes serious doubts. But we do not give up hope that it will work out after all!