Building a Digital Platform for Eco-Education Tourism

Our Client - PUSPANITA Eco-Spirit Center

PUSPANITA run by Nuns of Carolus Borromeus Congregation established since 1996. The Centre is located in Bogor, Indonesia, and it has obtained the Horticulture Laboratory permit. Now it serves as an Eco-Spirit Center.

Puspanita’s Challenges

  • Business development: Puspanita enjoys the captive market, namely the Catholic community. However, it did not develop due to the lack of creative ideas in business development and its offerings. Besides, it does not have a firm business model.
  • Technology development: Until now Puspanita does not have a technology-based platform such as websites, social media and other internet things that can attract the millennial generation. Puspanita runs her business conventionally and seems less progressive.
  • Resource development: Although Puspanita has extensive land and facilities located in a holiday destination near Jakarta, it has not yet been able to develop into a place for eco-education and eco-tourism which has a good impact on the environment and society. Its human resources need assistance for the development of Puspanita as an Eco-tourism center.

To overcome these challenges, the project GIPE 2021 covered the following five topics

  1. Business model & strategy, Resource Development: Tourism, Sustainability and Environment
  2. Educational Games
  3. Puspanita’s Website with Web Booking System
  4. Marketing, i.e. Digital Marketing, Logo Design, Corporate Design/Visual Design
  5. Smart Farming, especially the use of IoT in Agriculture

Important Milestones

  • October 2020: Five Virtual Planning Meetings via Zoom with the selection of the project
  • 18 February 2021: Signing the MoU for the GIPE 2021 project.
  • 16 March 2021: Global Kick-Off as Zoom-Meeting.
  • 20-22 and 27-29 April 2021: Virtual Spring School (due to the COVID19 pandemic, the onsite Spring School, unfortunately, had to be postponed first and then completely cancelled later) 
  •  1 July 2021: Official GIPE 2021 Virtual Launch Event

Overall Project Plan